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Open for "Blissness"

It seems a little crazy to us that our last blog post was in 2019! I guess that it would be fair to say that the "radio silence" on our behalf is an accurate representation of the chaos of the world, our lives, our business since then.

In any way, if you are still here, that is great news!

Let's fast-forward to June 2022 because I think we all know how that period between 2019 and 2022 went anyway...

2022 was an exciting here for Barn + Bliss Weddings and Events. We hosted 10 beautiful weddings and we feel that was the perfect amount of weddings to ease us back into the "swing of things".

To keep with the theme "a year in reflection", these are our top 3 memories of the season:

1. Shot-Gun Wedding Planning Anyone?

Planning a wedding with clients in under 3 weeks!

When other venues and plans fall through, we are absolutely happy to come to the rescue and guarantee the "perfect wedding" day.

2. Open for "Blissness".

As venue owners, this day was looonnnggg overdue. We have worked so hard and waited so long to share this entirely restored historic barn with our community, family and friends and so, for us, the Grand Opening was by far the best moment of the year (and quite possibly the best day of ours lives aside from the birth of our 3 daughters, of course). This event gave us an opportunity to sit back and enjoy the "fruits of our labour" and experience the structure in an entirely new way. We were in awe, emotional, happy and blissful!

The event went off without a hitch and as the organizers, it was sort of surreal to see everyone constantly smiling between 3pm-1am. We have never before seen so many people happy for so long (except maybe in movies). 230 guests attended our event, in our amazing barn, our first HUGE event, and not a single negative review. Now that's remarkable!

3. "Nightmare at 150 Eugene Road"

The adrenaline rush from the Grand Opening propelled us into quickly planning a Halloween event "Nightmare at 150 Eugene Road". For weeks, a team of us set up a haunted house and we collaborated with the perfect team of vendors to make this Halloween rave happen. To our surprise, 300 tickets sold out in under 24 hours. Seriously, how cool is that!? We were totally blown away by the positive feedback and once again, perfect turnout.

As you might be thinking, what a year it was! Kyle and I are so grateful to finally be sharing our venue with couple's, with our community and with you. To say that we are grateful for the unforgettable moments of 2022 is a serious understatement.

So, we are often asked: "what next?". So much.... You will just have to stick around to see but, you can bet that it will be amazing!

Happy New Year and thank you, incredible people for your support.

Kyle + Kait

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